What we do

Our highly qualified, nurturing and talented team is led by Jenna Dark.  Everyone is dedicated to providing the best care, with an effective key-worker system ensuring that every child is supported, loved and a valued contributor to our preschool community.

Good relationships and communication with families and carers are very important to us. We keep you involved in your child’s journey and progression through the use of the Tapestry software, which enables parents and carers to see their child’s progress securely online, and is a valuable communication tool that can also give support and advice to parents.  We are friendly, approachable, have a great sense of humour and lots of common sense! 

We encourage confidence, independence and a good sense of emotional well-being as we promote readiness for school and weave the children’s ideas, thoughts and experiences into our creative curriculum.

Have a look at the video to see more of what we do........